Ever heard of “Click & Collect”?

Visit your local Walmart on any given day and you’ll likely see a row of minivans and sedans with trunks open lining the side of the store and workers loading bins into them.

Initially developed by supermarket chains, this so-called “Click & Collect” service made it possible for consumers to buy online and then conveniently collect their purchases at the nearest store location. 

Walmart embraced this business model wholeheartedly and overtook the grocery stores to become by far the biggest click & collect retailer in the country.  Data from Insider Intelligence shows Walmart scored 25.4% of all click & collect orders in 2021—which translates to an estimated $20.4 billion in sales.

After Walmart, Home Depot is expected to have the second-largest market share for click and collect in 2021, accounting for an estimated 13.3% of all sales through the channel.  Furthermore, Insider Intelligence expects click & collect sales to jump by 21% to $101 billion in 2022. (Chart from cnbc.com)

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