Another milestone for the United States!

Not sure it is a good one, but nevertheless…

The cost of paying for America’s national debt crossed the $1 trillion dollar mark in 2023, driven by high interest rates and a record $34 trillion mountain of debt.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… well here are THREE pictures to visualize:

The timeline for the jump from $600 Billion to $1.026 Trillion

What does $1 Trillion even look like using $100 bills?

Our government spending is out of control so let’s see what $34 Trillion looks like!


What a great idea to forgive student debt!!!…

and increase the burden on those of us that are working to pay our own way and now get to pay for people getting bogus degrees that are worthless in the real world.

America, what a great country!

So… Let’s visualize what ONE TRILLION $100 bills looks like:

OK… now let’s tryout $34 TRILLION in debt…

Lord have mercy… be careful out there folks…

Thanks to VizualCapitalist and for the two visuals this week.

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