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2021 MAMIC Information

Legacy Wealth Management is an independent financial services firm providing fiduciary guided financial strategies and advice for institutional investors including Mo 380 Insurance companies.



Not subject to control by others or affiliated with a controlling entity.

Investment Advisor Representative


Investment Advisor Representatives have a fiduciary duty to their clients, which means they have a fundamental obligation to provide suitable investment advice and always act in their clients’ best interests.



A fiduciary acts on behalf of another person or persons to manage assets and owes to another the duties of good faith and trust. The highest legal duty of one party to another, it also involves being bound ethically to act in the other’s best interests.

We work with Institutional and MO 380 Insurance Companies to develop and manage their financial strategies within their unique regulatory and statutory requirements. As your portfolio manager, we implement your strategy guided by your Investment Policy Statement utilizing institutional financial vehicles.  We don’t sell you financial products and you will never pay a commission for any of the institutional investment vehicles in your portfolio.  We assume the portfolio management duties and let you get back to doing what you do best, running your company and for MO 380’s, protecting your policyholder members.

As your portfolio manager, we are client focused and specialize in maximizing yields while limiting interest rate and market volatility for institutions managing large liquid reserves. Our team takes a comprehensive approach to providing strategies, implementation and are proud to offer the RAMS© monitoring service for Institutional investors and MO 380 Insurance companies.

Legacy Wealth Management developed the Reserve Asset Monitoring System (RAMS©) specifically to help MO 380 Insurance companies evaluate their assets and investments as required by the Department of Insurance.  RAMS© assesses your portfolio on an individual and class basis to help your Board meet its statutory, regulatory and fiduciary obligations.

RAMS©;can also be useful for Institutional investors that are not under DOL reg’s but still have investment parameters to navigate.

Why Reserve Asset Monitoring System? RAMS©
  • Replaces complex statutory & regulatory oversight requirements with a simple to read report and executive summary
  • Helps your Board assure that your company is within statutory & regulatory investment portfolio guidelines before your audit
  • Eliminates an issue common to many Mutuals where an investment salesperson/broker sells your company products that are individually out of compliance due to lack of regulatory knowledge or cause you to go out of compliance on a class of investments because they don’t know what products other brokers have sold your Mutual
  • Establishes a surveillance system identifying investments that no longer count towards your Policyholder Surplus due to a change in rating helping your board meet its obligation to rectify the situation within the required 30 days
Portfolio management using institutional methodology and products vs Retail
  • Brokers and Investment salespeople have an obligation to sell you a “suitable” product but have no fiduciary relationship with you. Their products are developed for smaller retail investors and have associated higher costs.
  • We are an independent financial services firm and utilize lower cost tools and products which increase your Policyholder Surplus
Cyber Liability Solutions for Financial Institutions & Insurance Companies
  • Financial Institutions like Mutual Insurance Companies make attractive targets for identity thieves due to the types of information maintained on Members &employees.
  • According to Symantec 43% of Cyber-attacks target small & mid-sized companies, perhaps because the criminals realize most of these companies don’t have cyber security professionals on staff.
  • Notifications & monitoring services following a breach average hundreds of dollars per record. Multiply that by the number of data records (members, former members, employees, etc.) in your files and consider what an uninsured Cyber Breach would do to your Policyholder Surplus.  Could you stay in business?
  • Cyber Liability Protections doesn’t just insure your company’s financial losses in the event of a breach or ransomware attack, it also provides resources to step you through the recovery process including:
    • Legal Guidance
    • Providing Credit Monitoring to effected parties
    • Public Relations Assistance
    • IT Forensics
    • Assistance with Required Government Notifications
Board of Directors Education
  • We help our Companies educate their Boards and Officers on their fiduciary, statutory and regulatory responsibilities as they relate to investment operation oversight and its effect on Policyholder Surplus. We develop programs tailored for the Mutual’s desired goal, time available and Board needs.

 We help you take control of your financial journey.

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