We chart the top countries by money received from abroad, in current U.S. dollars, based on 2000-2023 data from Knomad.

Specifically, these transfer totals shown represent personal remittances, or money sent between residents and non-residents, including personal transfers and compensation for work done abroad. It does not include, and is separate from, foreign investment.

The roster change over the past 23 years is an interesting comparison.

Top Countries Receiving
Money From Abroad
2000 Top Countries Receiving
Money From Abroad
 India $13B  India $125B
 France $9B  Mexico $67B
 Mexico $8B  China $50B
 Philippines $7B  Philippines $40B
 UK $5B  France $34B
 Türkiye $5B  Pakistan $24B
 South Korea $5B  Egypt $24B
 U.S. $4B  Bangladesh $23B
 Portugal $4B  Nigeria $21B
 Germany $4B  Guatemala $20B

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