Answer: A matter of perspective.

Admission… I get weekly article ideas to do my LinkedIn posts.

I read this week’s suggestion and it gave me pause, as it didn’t ring true to some other sources I follow on energy and supplying baseline power needs. was my clue to look elsewhere.

Do you remember California recently urging people to not charge their EV’s during certain time frames; the Texas power grid having issues a year or two ago during an ice storm; “MN at greater risk for rolling blackouts” (Star-Tribune 5/14/22); “US Midwest may have summer power shortages for years” (Reuters 6/10/22).

I have two sources for your consideration and pose a few questions… from a friend… at the end of this “article”. You compare. Comment if you would like…

The first source is from Washington DC…

This one is from Oxford. It offers a world perspective.

If you have gotten this far, Thank you.

Before we (USA) go too far in this “everything renewable” direction, how about we be honest regarding the materials it takes to do “renewable energy” and everything electric…

Where does it come from? NIMBY?

Energy security?

Antiquated power grid and vulnerabilities of a system designed decades/century ago?

Rare earth materials needed and where do they come from? (Hint: China)

What about whales being killed around those offshore wind farms on the east coast?

Have you seen the information on the wind turbines falling over?

What about the life span of this wind infrastructure and what are they doing with the wind turbines no longer able to be in service?

Asking for a friend…

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