When it comes to getting the best ‘bang-for-your-buck’ when dining out, a recent survey by Stifel shows that most consumers feel they’re getting the best value from fast-food behemoths like McDonald’s and Taco Bell.

At the other end of the scale, New York-based Shake Shack was rated the worst value with the average cost of a popular meal coming in at $13.50—just below Chipotle and Panera in price, but way lower in perceived value.

A Shake Shack representative dismissed their poor rating, saying the chain has “dynamic and fun products, providing our guests with elevated, premium, high-quality ingredients that they can’t find in traditional fast food, other fast casual concepts or even casual dining.” 

Dynamic and fun or not, it was rated more overpriced than any other “fast” or “fast casual” chain, and by a lot.  (Data from Stifel, chart from Marketwatch.com)

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